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Published in the scientific journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, she reports that ten people who ate at the same Puro – Ultra Slim Cover – iPhone 6 restaurant in China fell ill with Covid 19. According to the researchers, some of them may have contracted the virus from air conditioning. Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Hot Pink They say the air movement could have helped spread the virus by aerosol.

Red circles: the guests who have been contaminated by the person placed in (yellow circle). (Photo: EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES / CDC CANTON)It was air conditioning placed above a table in the row of the sick person that would have played a key role, according to the study. The restaurant did not have a window and the ventilation circulated the same air in one direction across the room. Very small particles of virus could therefore have gone well beyond a meter.

caution the moment, IPhone X Apple IPhone 7 Plus IPhone 8 the only thing scientifically proven by experimental evidence, is that there is an aerosol effect in the room of Touch Sense Plus Black Apple iPhone 6 Puro a sick patient, reports Daniel Camus infectiologist at the Institut Pasteur in Lille. But it has not been shown that the ventilation, air conditioning systems present any particular danger. Viral loads are Puro Bumper Cover (iPhone 6 Plus) ab 2 probably insufficient “, says the specialist.

Regarding the reported Cover iphone 6/6s in 13836 Cossato for example of the Chinese restaurant, Daniel Cover custodia cover samsung a3 2017 silicone glitter for iPhone 6/6S – White Camus does not not wish to enter into any controversy Autumn Silicone iPhone XS XR custodia “I am not aware of the exact conditions: neither the configuration Cover Apple iPhone 8 Icon Cover (iPhone of the room, nor sport by puro sur www.etui-iphone the ventilation system used. In addition, they add that the samples of the 73 other clients and the 8 employees of the establishment, as well as the six smears cover samsung j5 2017 jordan of the air conditioner, were negative in tests. From where caution with which the results of this study are, for the moment, taken by specialists. But the virus cannot proliferate in an air duct. He has to be in contact with a human cell to live. infectious disease specialist warns, however, against the use of devices such as leaf blowers or vacuum cleaners. “They can generate an aerosol. A vacuum cleaner passed through the apartment of an infected person can resuspend the particles. But not the ventilation Puro Carbon cover samsung silicone s8 e Vegan per Apple cover samsung s5neo iPhone 6 systems. There is no doubt according China TPU Ultra-Thin New custodia Cover for to him.

Avoid vacuuming a room with an infected person. It may resuspend particles. (Photo: Marc Roger archive / Ouest France)That said, Daniel Camus Back cover APPLE iPhone 6 iPhone 6S recommends, however, that the systems be kept in good condition. “The VMC orifices must be thoroughly cleaned, the filters maintained: these are the only recommendations. (Photo: Fotolia)Aerosol droplets

Researchers from Aalto University, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and the University of Helsinki Neon Green Slim Hard Wallet Flip custodia also made public on April 6, a study on the spread of droplets cover samsung a6 libro emitted during coughing. A coughing person spreads particles in the form of an aerosol, that is, droplets Custodie Puro Apple Iphone 6S 7 8 Plus small enough to stay in the air and move freely. The study showed their dispersion and explained a5 2017 cover samsung originale that at this stage, it is not yet known whether, in this form of aerosol, they are sufficient to transmit the virus.

This animated modeling shows what happens when a person coughs in a supermarket aisle. We can see the propagation of the particles, in green, upwards and on the shelves of the neighboring aisle.

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Although there is little evidence on how the coronavirus could spread through the air, this study shows, in any case, the importance of physical distancing, but also of wearing a mask…

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